Logo Design

Your identity is determined by your logo, the colors and words used to describe your business, ideas, products, and even your physical building. Your logo represents your identity to the public. A logo should convey who you are, your goals and ideas, with just one look. We specialize in logo design to properly convey you company and stand out from the competition.

Corporate Identity

Mayer Branding wants to capture everything about your business and products; then spread your message through media to gain the attention of many potential clients, customers and the general public. We want to help bring your message and identity to the public in the most targeted avenues possible, keeping what you offer at the core of all our marketing efforts. There are many aspects to managing a brand, with our team’s experience, we want to guide your business and brand to success.


Great photography makes all the difference. It has the power to make supermodels out of products, tell a complete story in a single snapshot and most importantly, sell items and services. Whether it's an artistic shot of your product for an advertisement or brochure cover, a product line shoot for a catalog, or a tour of your facility, we have the expertise to deliver stunning photography that makes your marketing efforts shine.


We can weave the story that is your business. Whether it’s content for your website and social media posts, or simply delivering a focused message in an advertisement; copy and text will convey your message to the audience.